A foster provides a temporary home for the rescued animals until they find their permanent home.

The animals that are fostered before being adopted , have enough time to adapt to the new family life and they learn to socialize and can be trained. For some cats and dogs who have just been rescued from the street life , the foster also provides a good environment for them to recover from any disease or illness before finally being adopted.
As a volunteer foster, you will be responsible for the daily living and living care of  animals in your home. In other words, your task is to give him/her enough love and attention, to adapt him/her to living with people, and to prepare for them for entering the permanent family when they are adopted.
When you become a foster for our animals, we offer everything from food, medical care, vaccines, sterilization, in vitro and in vivo deworming, collars, leashes, pads, garbage bags, shovel and toys. All you have to do is give him love and protection. You will be asked to take your foster animals for adoption and medical appointments and introduce him/her to those who are interested in adopting him.